1. All powered models to be fitted with silencers and tested as in the BMFA guidelines, maximum 82db but should be below 80db.
  2. Any member may ask for another member’s model to be checked if they think the model is too noisy.
  3. A frequency pegboard must always be used.
  4. Transmitters must be fitted with pennants showing frequency number or black for 2.4GHz.
  5. Transmitters to be kept in close proximity of each other except when hover flying.
  6. Members should endeavour to take their next flying test every two years.
  7. Never take off from the pits.
  8. Helicopters to be away from the flight line when training as shown on the diagrams.
  9. Flying to take place on the field as shown in enclosed diagrams.
  10. If more than two members are flying, then one shall be nominated as Field Marshall.
  11. Each member is responsible for clearing his/her own rubbish.
  12. Children and animals to be kept under strict control.
  13. IC models may only be flown between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Sunday. Other models may be flown from dawn to dusk, Monday to Sunday.