At the club, we are very happy to help new members set up their models. We are experienced with aeroplanes, helicopters and now drones, quad-copters and even control-line models. The tuition can be done with your own model and your transmitter, using the buddy-line system. We will also give your aircraft a good check over to make sure everything is in working order and it will fly well (this includes all the controls and settings on the transmitter and the receiver).

All models can be test flown beforehand by our experienced members and then passed back to you to fly. The club instructor will have a master control at all times, this is for the safety of you, them and any other people who are there, it will also let him control the aircraft to help you.

After a number of flights, and when the instructor thinks you are capable to do so, you can go solo and fly on your own. Once you can fly well, you will have the opportunity to take your BMFA ‘A’ certificate.

Accidents can happen whilst flying. It is the responsibility of the owner of all models to make sure that they are safe to fly. You have to be safe, responsible and follow the rules at all times.