1. The Club shall be known as Calderdale & Kirklees Model Aircraft Club (CKMAC).
  2. There is no limit on club membership but the maximum number of active R/C fliers is fixed at each AGM.
  3. Membership and joining fees are fixed at the AGM.
  4. All Club members must be paid up members of the BMFA.
  5. No person is allowed to fly from 1st January unless membership has been paid.
  6. Club meetings shall be held monthly.
  7. The Committee shall consist of seven officers: Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary; Safety Officer; Treasurer; PRO; and Northern Area Representative.
  8. Officers are elected at the AGM.
  9. Officers of the Club to have powers to co-opt any further officers should the need arise.
  10. Officers of the Club shall have the final say in any matters arising.
  11. The Club shall run from 1st January to 31st December each year.
  12. The AGM shall be held immediately preceding the December monthly meeting.
  13. The Treasurer shall present the club accounts at the AGM.
  14. Any change in the date of Club meetings shall be by consent of the majority of Club members.
  15. Any full Club member has the right to ground any aircraft he/she feels is unsafe to fly. Any dispute to be referred to a Committee Member.
  16. Any member may invite a guest to fly as long as prior permission has been obtained from Committee Members and that the host member sees that his/her guest complies with all Club rules and that the guest also holds BMFA insurance.
  17. Any member who ignores Club rules or ignores directives by Committee members will have his/her actions brought before a special Committee meeting which will decide on the necessary disciplinary action to be taken.
  18. The rules of the Club may only be changed at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  19. Any member has the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting: four other members must countersign his/her application in writing to the Secretary.
  20. All incidents and accidents must be reported in writing to a committee member within seven days of the incident. It is the responsibility of the persons involved to ensure compliance.